Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts fighter and coach

Sean Roberts: Teaching Future Stars of BJJ

In 2005 Sean Roberts entered the world of Brazilian Jujitsu at the age of 15. He originally began training in Placentia California with black belts Brad Jackson and Eduardo Fraga. In a very short time, he was entering competitions and lacking opponents in his own age group, frequently competed with adults and collecting numerous medals. In 2009, he moved to San Francisco and began to train under Ralph Gracie and black belt Kurt Osiander, earning his black belt in March 2013 and starting to teach that same year in Chino Hills.

Career Highlights

In a career with over 200 matches, it’s easy to get lost in a tidal wave of matches and details. Sean Roberts career arguably took off in 2007 when he won the No-Gi world championship for that year at the age of 17. However, he has distinguished himself as the four-time North American champion, three-time American National champion, and four-time Grapplers Quest Advanced champion. Other career highlights include

  • 2016 Sport Jujitsu Middleweight World Champion
  • 2015 Sport Jujitsu Absolute World Champion
  • 2015 NABJJF All Americas Champion
  • 2014 UFC Fan Expo Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist in three categories – adult advanced no-Gi, adult black belt Gi, and adult black belt absolute
  • 2014 Metamoris competition versus Zak Maxwell
  • 2013 Budovideos PPV seminar with his former trainer Kurt Osiander
  • 2012/2013 features in both Gracie Magazine and Jujitsu Magazine
  • 2012 BJJ Kumite - which became a reality series that catapulted him to fame as a brown belt
  • 2011 U.S. Open champion

More recently, Sean competed to become the 2018 IBJJF American National champion in the black belt division.

Retirement to Teaching

After a nearly year-long break, Sean turned up on his Facebook page and proceeded to set the BJJ world on its ear. In August 2016, Sean wrote about taking a break from the competitive BJJ scene. He stated that he felt he had made his mark, and he was happy with his accomplishments. He stated that he would still enter tournaments, but only for fun. He went on to say that his students have their eyes on the prize, with the goal to become champions and that he wanted to change over his attention to helping them achieve that goal. He owns his own gymnasium, and his students are like his family. After 200 tournaments and 11 years in the competitive world, he wanted to spread his knowledge and broaden his focus.

Still Going Strong

Sean Roberts continues to teach at Sektor Jiu-Jitsu, though his Facebook has not been updated in some time. He hosts seminars, and his videos can be found in wide distribution from both paid sources and on YouTube. His Instagram is updated more frequently with promotions, competitions, shots of his personal and family life and frequently stars his dogs. We look forward to hearing and seeing more of his career both on the map and off, and of following the careers of his students as they reach for their own goals in the world of Brazilian Jujitsu.