Gregor Gracie

MMA Fighter Gregor Renkel Gracie

Gregor Gracie: Part of the BJJ Dynasty

The Gracie family is known as the founding family of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Carlos Gracie began learning judo from Mitsuyo Maeda - a Japanese judoka and prize fighter working in Brazil in 1917  - and brought the teachings back to Rio de Janeiro. Carlos, along with his brothers Oswaldo, Gastao Jr, George, and Helio. The second generation took of BJJ from the cradle and went on to expand the family’s influence in the sport, with Gracie children, grandchildren, and now, great-grandchildren joining the BJJ and MMA sports. 

Gracie by Name and Tradition

Gregor is the youngest child of Angela Gracie, widow of Rolls Gracie. His actual surname is Rangel, with his older half-brothers Rolles and Igor being the children of Rolls Gracie. The Gracie name has always been attached to him, and he is very close to his Gracie relatives both learning from and training with them. Although he was raised in the premier family of BJJ, Gregor didn’t take it all that seriously until he achieved his purple belt and decided to make a living both from Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighting. He spent most of his time bouncing between Rio and New York City, and the respective Gracie Academies in each.

Career Details and Highlights

Nobody - even a Gracie – gets to purple belt without a lot of training and effort. Gregor premiered in MMA in 2007, taking a submission victory over Josh Lydell, after winning two out of three BJJ bounts in 2006. Though his record is not the most prolific, he still has 50 fights to his record in BJJ and 11 bouts in the pro MMA where his last fight was in 2013. His matchup against Gilbert Burns at Polaris seven in 2018 ended with a severe injury to his shoulder. His overall career is strong, with seven wins to four losses in the MMA and 31 wins to 20 losses under his grappling record in BJJ.

In the MMA he has fought in the World Series of Fighting, ONE championship, Ring of Combat, And Cage Fury Fighting Championships. His major achievements in BJJ include a recent second-place ranking at the 2016 World Master Championship. Gregor has also taken world champion status in 2004 and 2005 as a purple belt, Pan-American Champion in 2006 as a brown belt, Brazilian national teams champion in 2003 is a blue belt and 2004 as a purple belt. He has been a four-time champion at Grapplers Quest as well.

How He Loses and How He Wins

In his 20 losses in BJJ, 25 of them are due to the triangle hold. Other losses are equally divided between arm bar, Americana, knee bar, north/south, botinha, and submission. Losses in his MMA fighting are principally due to decisions, though he lost a 2008 match due to a head kick from Doug Gordon, a 2012 match due to striking from Tyson Steele, and a 2018 match to an arm bar against Giovanni Martinez.

Gregor’s MMA wins have been varied, however some of his winning moves are the rear naked choke, the Kimura, and the arm bar. In BJJ, with its many similarities to MMA, Grigori has consistently won his bouts with Kimura and choke from back, with other wins being evenly distributed over choke, color choke, knee bar, arm and guillotine, and katagatame. He has won nine of his matches by submission, one by decision, one by penalties, 15 by points, for why advantages and one by DQ. 

Looking to the Future

After his injury at Polaris seven, he went through the rest of 2018 racking up two wins at Quintet 3 against PJ Barch and Amir Allam, and losing to Geo Martinez. He also entered the Atlanta open in 2019, losing to Pedro Palhares. 

Gregor is a rock-solid fighter, skilled and capable. In the years to come, we hope that he will continue in competition, and also in instruction, carrying on the Gracie tradition along with his half-brothers and cousins. BJJ is expanding in popularity and needs its first family to carry the banner forward into the 21st century and beyond.