The World’s #1 Lapel Guard Player Finally Reveals His Complete System in…

The Lapel Encyclopedia by Keenan Cornelius

Now you can learn how to dominate your opponents from the lapel guard in this revolutionary new video training series from the world’s leading expert – Keenan Cornelius. In The Lapel Encyclopedia, Keenan shares his A-Game secrets on playing the lapel guards like a world champion – even if you’re inflexible, inexperienced, or struggle to use conventional guards.

At First, They Banned the Lapel Guard System… Now They Teach It

In 2015, Keenan “wrote the book” on the most offensive style of the lapel guards – the worm guard. And his 2 hour instructional DVD went on to become legendary.

After that, he spent 5 years developing a complete lapel guard system… and while he perfected it at the highest level of competition, his techniques changed the face of competitive jiu-jitsu. At first, traditional schools banned his system because it was too strong… and now most of them teach it.

Now, Keenan is doing something crazy… he’s releasing his entire system to the public – while he’s still using it in top-level competitions!

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Inside The Lapel Encyclopedia, You’ll Discover:

  • 9 Chapters with every detail you need to become a lapel guard master.
  • How to play all 5 variations of the lapel guard (worm guard, ringworm guard, reverse de la worm guard, squid guard, gubber guard).
  • 7 hours of HD video instruction on the “foolproof” guard system that has no direct counters.
  • Keenan’s little-known strategies for how to safely enter the lapel guard positions.
  • How to join the ranks of scary-good guard players – even if you’re not flexible, athletic, or experienced.
  • Techniques designed to slow down and beat players who are stronger and more athletic than you.
  • Why lapel guards are ideal for players who struggle to use conventional ones due to age or body-type limitations.
  • Instruction for every situation, counter, and position you’ll find yourself in with the lapel guard system.
  • All the secrets behind the most overpowered guard in competitive jiu-jitsu – before everyone else learns them.


Our students rated the course: 4.8

Now You Can Learn Keenan’s Revolutionary Lapel Guard System in The Lapel Encyclopedia:

Start today with just one payment of only $244.99
  • Instant online access
  • 8 Chapters with 79 Subchapters on the lapel guard system
  • 1 Bonus Chapter with 5 Subchapters on Keenan’s top submissions
  • 9 Hours of digital video instruction


Q: Is Keenan’s Lapel Encyclopedia (KLE) available as part of Keenan Online?

A: No. Only about 20-30% of the content in the Encyclopedia is on Keenan Online. And it’ll stay that way. However, if you’re a Keenan Online Member you’ll get an exclusive discount on the Encyclopedia.

Q: The Encyclopedia is expensive. Why?

A: For what you get – It’s not. Here are 4 reasons it’s actually an incredible deal:

  • We spared no expense in producing over 9 hours of video content (and it shows).
  • The system was developed over nearly a decade and perfected at the highest level of jiu-jitsu competition in the world.
  • Keenan is the only person alive that knows this system – and this is the only place you can learn it.
  • Keenan charges $500 per hour for private training sessions… and if he had time to train you personally it’d cost you $4500 to get a similar education.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

A: When you buy The Lapel Encyclopedia you’ll only pay once – it’s not a subscription.

Q: Will the content be updated?

A: Keenan has been developing this system since 2011 – so it contains pretty much everything you’ll ever need to learn to play lapel guards at the highest level. If he finds improvements, Keenan may update the Encyclopedia, but it’s not currently planned.